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How We Do School


An Expeditionary Learning School: A high level of engagement and achievement is supported by the consistent use of instructional practices including creating explicit assessment criteria, providing models of exemplary work from the school or professional world, expecting multiple drafts, and critique of work from peers and adults.
There is consistency between what is expected of students and what is expected of adults. Staff strive to model a spirit of inquiry, reflection, critique, revision, and collaboration in their professional practices and relationships and strive to ignite and sustain these qualities in students. By fostering a culture of collaboration and critique, an Expeditionary Learning School helps students to develop the skills they need to succeed in college and beyond by trying to write contrast essays https://writing-service.org/contrast-essay/ They also learn how to conduct research, analyze information, and cite sources properly.

Why College Bound?
It is a fact that college – 2 year or 4 year, public or private, big or small, urban or rural – is not the right “fit” for every single high school graduate. But it is also a fact that college graduates do better on a range of quality of life indicators: salary, job satisfaction, home ownership, life expectancy, birth rates, etc. While every high school graduate may find and reach their potential without a college education, in this 21st century most will do better with than without. Because the stakes are so high, we believe that every high school graduate should be able to make that choice, and to make that choice in an intelligent, informed, and supported manner.
So at our school every student, no exceptions, is “college bound.” From the first day of 6th grade, through student-leds and passage portfolios, MCAS and SATs, all the way to graduation, going to and completing college is our goal. Students explore careers and colleges when they are in middle school so that by the time they start high school they have a context for the work they do inside and outside the classroom. Our college bound mission is not driven by the need for status; it is driven by our fervent hope that our students will use their college degrees to use their minds well, care for themselves and each other, and rise to the duties and challenge of citizenship.

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