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  • Here are some types of effective protocols with video demonstrations that you can use in your classroom. Further information about utilizing each protocol in your classroom can be found in the attached documents:
    1. Socratic Seminar – used in many EL classrooms to promote student thinking and meaning making, and the ability to debate, use evidence, and build on one another’s thinkingWatch an example here: Video on Socratic Seminar
    2. Fishbowl – used in many EL classrooms to assess comprehension, to assess group work, to encourage constructive peer assessment, to discuss issues in the classroom, or to model specific techniques such as literature circles or Socratic Seminars.Watch an example here: Video on Fishbowl
    3. Gallery Walk – used in many EL classrooms to have students share their work with peers, examine multiple historical documents, or respond to a collection of quotations.Watch an example here: Video Gallery Walk
    4. Save the Last Word – used in many EL classrooms to encourage readers to take an active stance during reading.Watch an example here: Video Save the Last Word
    5. Turn and Talk – used in many EL classrooms to encourage students to both process and converse with each other about what they are learning.Watch an example here: Video on Turn and Talk

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