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   The Springfield Renaissance School, gr. 6-12

For Grades 6th – 12th

Note:  11th grade Advanced Placement English and 12th grade Advanced Placement assignments are different!!!!!!

   Summer Reading Task Sheet

LT 5: I can use effective language skills to demonstrate logical and purposeful thinking.

HOW 2: I can actively and respectfully participate in class

Rationale: The purpose of summer reading is to stimulate and develop life-long readers. Using peer recommendations or your own literary experience, choose 2 grade-level appropriate books to read independently this summer. Please be mindful of grade level appropriateness. For example, an incoming 6th grader should not be reading The Great Gatsby, nor should a rising 11th grader read The Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Assessment: Your assessment will be a Book Talk (see format below) on one of the two books you read; your choice. Book Talks will take place during the first four sessions of school.  Your presentation day will be assigned by your grade level ELA teacher.

See rubric on opposite side.

Book Talk Process

  1. Introduce the book you read by stating the complete title and the author’s name
  2. Describe in 2-3 sentences why you chose to read this book; remember to be specific (e.g. I’ve read books by this author before, a friend recommended it, etc.).
  3. Summarize in 2-3 sentences what the book is about. Be sure to specifically identify the main character, the setting, and the problem in the story but do not give the ending away . . . this is your moment to sell it!
  4. Read a high interest passage from the text; minimum 1 paragraph and explain why you chose that passage.
  5. Explain in 2-3 sentences your opinion about the book or explain why you highly recommend others should read this book ; remember to be specific (e.g. if you like books that deal with teenager issues such as bullying then you definitely need to read this, if you read that other book then you will love this one, etc.) 











Interesting / Prepared

Presentation was extremely interesting. The presenter made us want to read the book. All of the required information was present.

Presentation was good. Presenter was obviously interested in the book. A few pieces of the required information were missing.

Presenter tried to introduce the book. Some of the required information was missing to make it interesting.

Presentation was not introduced very well and most of the required information was left out. Needs a lot of work.



Opinion of Book


The presenter gave a clear opinion of the book with 3 specific supporting details from the text.

The presenter gave an opinion of the book with 2 specific supporting details from the text.

The presenter gave an opinion of the book with less than 2 supporting details from the text.

The presenter gave no opinion of the book nor did they give any supporting reasoning.



Summary of Book / Information

The presenter gave a well-organized summary of the story. The summary gave all of the important information without giving away the whole story.

Presenter summarized the sequence of events in the book. The information was mostly organized.

The information was somewhat organized in the summary. However, it lacked many important details.

The information was in no way organized. It lacked details. The presenter obviously did not read the book.



Connection to Real Life

Presenter gave 1-2 specific examples of his/ her connection with the book.

Presenter gave 1-2 specific examples of his/ her connection with the book, but the connections were vague and/or unclear.

The presenter connected with the book but did not give examples.

The presenter in no way connected to the book.



Presenter was loud and clear and easily understood.

The presenter was mostly
loud and clear.

The presenter was somewhat loud and clear. Needs some work with oral presentations?

The presenter could not be heard or understood at all.



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