Local and National Grants and Scholarships 2012-2013

Over 90% of scholarships and grants for college are based locally.

The key is doing the research yourself and following through on applications. Once you get your applications in, you still have to work to pay for your education!

Billions of dollars of scholarships get left on the table every year because students fail to apply for them. If you are diligent, college will be MORE AFFORDABLE!

Want free money to pay for college?!!

Here’s a great resource from the Renaissance College Planning Team!


From College Admissions

College costs a lot of money, but luckily billions of scholarship dollars are available. College applicants who work hard at applying for scholarships can often reduce the overall cost of their educations significantly. Don’t wait until the spring to start looking for scholarships — some deadlines have already passed, and many more are fast approaching. In the list below, you’ll find 15 scholarships ranging in value from $250 to $30,000 that expire in February. For each scholarship, you’ll find links to additional information at, an excellent free website that provides college and scholarship matching services.

January Deadlines

February Deadlines

March Deadlines

                 Free Money!!! – Grants and Scholarships Free Money! Scholarships

                 FAFSA Assistance Available

                               Never Pay to Complete Your FAFSA!!! Log-on at

                               FAFSA Workshop at Renaissance January 24th 10-12pm with our partners from uAspire  – Online Registration

                            FREE FAFSA ASSISTANCE!!!    FAFSA GOAL SUNDAY – January 27th- at American International College -

                             CSS Profile – A Number of Schools Require the CSS PROFILE

                                                      USE 2011 TAX FORMS!!!

Colleges and Universities Require their Own Financial Aid Forms

                              COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OF WESTERN MA – All seniors are Required to complete this application


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